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Product Spotlight

Westone’s UM1
Over the last four years, Westone’s UM1 universal fit in-ear musicians monitors has become the standard for churches, schools, smaller bands and weekend warriors. In 2005, the UM1 is all new. So, what has changed? In addition to a new one-year warranty (up from 90 days), UM1 True-Fit earphones have been redesigned to mirror the look of the dual driver UM2. This leading-edge ergonomic design not only fits better into the ear, but is more durable to better stand up to even the hardest rocker (or sound crew). The cable and strain relief have been dramatically improved, and UM1s now sport the popular Comply eartips that have been standard UM2 equipment. Boasting the same great sound as its predecessor, UM1s now look and feel as great as they sound. The new UM1 is available in clear and comes with an improved carrying case that features a cable wrapping system and holds extra foam tips.

Cabana Banners
Cabana Banners offers championship banners dedicated to capturing your school team’s accomplishments and displaying them in your gym. They offer top-quality, custom championship banners, Add-a-Year banners, record boards, chair covers and scorer’s table banners. Their most requested Add-A-Year banners allow you to show your years of success while leaving room to add on the years of future success. Cabana Banners’ digital printing offers fresh and innovative designs from team pictures to realistic mascots. 

Northwest Playground Equipment
Northwest Playground Equipment is a leading full-service supplier of park and playground equipment in the Pacific Northwest. Their NPSI certified consultants and office personnel are well prepared to provide assistance and answer customer questions and concerns. Their consultants are conversant in AutoCAD and can work with architects to design play areas that fit in tight areas and tight budgets. Their quality product lines include Playworld Systems, Wabash Valley Site Furnishings, Litchfield Landscape Elements Shelters and Water Odyssey Spray Parks.  Playworld Systems is a total recreation company with product lines encompassing quality playgrounds, Woodward Skate Park Ramps and Rails, Climbing Boulders and Lifetrails Fitness for Active Older Adults. Installations are handled by Playworld certified crews. 

DeBourgh’s Stars & Stripes Musical Instrument Storage Lockers
DeBourgh Mfg. Co. has introduced its new product line: Stars & Stripes musical instrument storage lockers. Built with the same dedication to quality and service that their others lines are, you will be surprised at the style and durability. All welded construction, lifetime warranty, and the flexibility of all custom installations makes this product a must-have for the most discriminating band director. They want you to have the perfect locker experience, so they offer you full-service design help. Just tell them what instruments you have and the space you have available. DeBourgh will then design your storage system to fully maximize your storage capacity. When you top it all off with a precision installation by DeBourgh Mfg. Co. approved installers, they are certain to take all of your instrument storage cares away.

What you use to clean a floor isn't supposed to be used on a mattress. STERIFAB is labeled for application on mattresses, upholstered furniture and sofas, to name a few.  Unlike disinfectant/cleaner products that are not intended or allowed to be applied to porous surfaces, STERIFAB is uniquely labeled for these and many other applications.  STERIFAB has a formulation that is compatible with fabrics, foam, carpets and other materials. Products that both clean and disinfect are labeled to be used only on hard, non-porous surfaces. Any use of these type of products is in violation of EPA regulations.  STERIFAB is the only product approved and required by many states prior to the rental, refurbishment and sale of used bedding, upholstered furniture and other items.  Registered throughout the U.S., STERIFAB is available in pint, gallon and 5-gallon containers. Descriptive literature and test reports are available at no charge. 

Da-Lite Plasma Stand
Da-Lite Screen Company has announced the introduction of the Plasma Stand to its line of A/V carts. The Plasma Stand will work universally with most flat-panel monitors, and the unique rail mounting system ensures an easy installation for the monitor with the added security of a key-operated lock. The Plasma Stand provides a safe and surefooted transport of flat panel monitors with its heavy-duty five-inch casters when navigating uneven surfaces. A sturdy adjustable accessory shelf allows for stacking multiple components.

Excelsior Software’s Gradebook2/Pinnacle Plus
Excelsior Software’s Gradebook2/Pinnacle Plus a comprehensive and versatile electronic gradebook and assessment management software package. With Gradebook2, teachers can link specific learning standards/benchmarks to assignments; track student attendance, demographics and performance; and automatically generate customized, real-time reports for district administrators and parents, as well as customizable, standards-based report cards and required district/state agency reports. Secure, real-time access to the Pinnacle System’s classroom data gives educators, parents and students the ability to make better, faster and more informed decisions. Pinnacle Plus makes it possible for teachers and administrators to implement standards-based or traditional grading in the classroom, while enabling district administrators to manage their student performance data relative to legislative mandates (NCLB). Pinnacle integrates seamlessly with any student information system, allowing the system to effortlessly aggregate essential information/data in a way that lets educators see achievement patterns, gaps in instruction and other vital information for making decisions.

Full Spectrum Solutions
Much information exists regarding air and water purification and its importance.  However, what about light? Regular cool white fluorescent tubes are used in the majority of both public and private schools across the country. This technology is more than 75 years old and negative effects have been documented including glare, eyestrain, fatigue, headaches and trouble concentrating. Children and teachers do not get enough natural light and suffer from poor lighting in the classroom every day. Full Spectrum Solutions is a lighting company devoted to producing high quality full spectrum products that replicate natural sunlight. Full spectrum fluorescent tubes that fit into existing fixtures and other products are available through Full Spectrum Solutions. Full Spectrum Solutions works with Dr. Laurence Martel of Intelilearn who is an advocate for proper lighting, water and sound in schools. Dr. Martel has conducted numerous tests in schools using Full Spectrum Solutions’ products and resulted in higher grades and test scores and better concentration for students with ADD or ADHD.

Tilt and Roll Bleachers from Sturdisteel
Sturdisteel offers its Tilt and Roll bleachers as a source of seating for gymnasiums or any indoor venue. Made of aluminum frames with aluminum seats and foot boards, these maintenance-free bleachers offer an inexpensive way to accommodate people. In addition, the non-scarring rubber pads eliminate any damages to the floor. Lightweight, they are easily moved and stored.

School Minder Version 6.0 from Hunter Systems
Hunter Systems has announced the release of School Minder Version 6.0. School Minder now offers a more profound integration for everything from student records to tuition billing to teacher grade book. Version 6.0 gives schools an enhanced Records module, both student and faculty, that accommodates more information and allows for more precise reporting. Both Transcripts and Report Card modules offer an easier data-entry format as well as the ability to include more information on the printed report.

I Support Learning
I Support Learning, an educational curriculum design company in Olathe, Kansas, has announced the release of the first interactive video game development curriculum designed for grades 6-12 in the United States. The Video Game Development Curriculum teaches programming basics, design, and problem solving through the creation of unique 3-D video games. The self-directed, entirely computer-based curriculum teaches students how to create games with their own images, voices, music and ideas. The unique training videos allow students to learn at their own pace. Upon completion of the first project, students will have created a video game that they can save onto a CD and play on any PC. I Support Learning curricula also include areas such as artificial intelligence, horticulture, landscape design, robotics, and video music. All are designed to meet national standards in math, language, science and technology.

Qwizdom Q5 RF
Qwizdom has announced the release of the Q5 RF, a radio frequency remote. This easy-to-use, handheld remote combines the latest advances in two-way radio frequency communication with elegant design to bring the highest level of interactive learning and assessment to every classroom. The Q5 RF has a large, backlit LCD panel, allowing students to view questions, numbers, answers and other information such as notes and hints. It also allows teachers to ask numeric, multiple-choice, true/false, yes/no, rating scale, sequencing, fill-in-the-blank and short answer (specific) questions. Students can use the remotes “off network” for labs and projects, allowing them to view calendar of tasks, homework or activities at school or home.

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