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Auditorium Seating
By: Beth Hurtsch

Advances in the form and function of stadium seating have led to changes in the way auditorium seating is made. Today, many schools and churches are outfitted with upholstered chairs that feature folding seats similar to what is seen in theaters.

Auditorium seating borrows elements from stadium seating, with a more furniture-like feel. It is ideal for a school or church that is in an auditorium format, with terraced seating or a large, open space. Manufacturers offer seating that combines the stadium chair's economy of space with the comfort and elegance of a traditional pew.

Auditorium seating lends even a bare, open space elegance and comfort. It creates an atmosphere conducive to worship and performance. With ergonomic design and the option of portability, today's seating allows people to be comfortable and gives administrators flexibility in the placement of the seats.

Auditorium seating chairs are constructed with foam padding wrapped around an ergonomically designed frame. The Auditorium seat is distinct from other stadium seating in its emphasis on luxurious comfort. Its basic design is, however, similar. The folding seat that allows for efficient use of space is shared with the stadium seating found in arenas and sports complexes.

A typical auditorium seat will always be upholstered. The choice of fabric often reflects the intended use. Some venues will often use durable twill fabrics for stain-resistance, while others place the emphasis on luxury and choose velvets. A plush fabric will give the seating an upscale look.

Auditorium seats are designed to be compact yet comfortable. Advanced steel and plastic framing materials, and foam that contours to your body, combine with ergonomic design to provide support for the body.

If you’re looking to renovate rather than starting from scratch, suppliers can refurbish auditorium seating for less than the cost of new seating. When making a large purchase of stadium and auditorium seating or renovating an existing space, this can add up to substantial savings. Seat renovation is an option that will make used seating look new and give you the opportunity to add features that were previously missing.

Restoring auditorium seats is a process that can be done either on-site or at a restoration facility. The seats are taken apart, and each component repaired or replaced as needed. Depending upon the condition of the seats, this process may take several hours or several days. New foam and upholstery is added if necessary, and will make used, worn-out seating look like new.

Restoring auditorium seats gives new life to old seating. Worn mechanisms can be replaced to ensure that the folding seats work smoothly and soundlessly. A variety of fabric choices give you the look you want for your space.

The main reasons to refurbish auditorium seating are cost versus new seats, and the opportunity it gives you to get the look and features you want without having to buy new seats. Suppliers specialize in seat restoration and can assist in the process, including removal, layout and installation of the chairs. Restored seats help you keep the old style of your chairs while giving them a fresh new look.

When researching which auditorium seating will suit your needs, consider a consultation with large-venue seating professionals. They can help determine the best configuration for your seating as well as help you choose the style and features that will work best. There are also options in used and refurbished seating for those on a limited budget.

Product Roundup

BY-360 Meridian with Pleat from Seating Concepts
With the BY-360 Meridian with Pleat from Seating Concepts, superb lines of design create a chair that encompasses the best in seating today. With its injection-molded polypropylene outerback, you can have great aesthetics and ease of maintenance. Offering an overall chair height of 38-1/2 inches, this chair is perfect for all auditorium environments. Seating Concepts is a world-class manufacturer of seats for the dynamic Education Market. They provide seats for the Primary, Secondary and Collegiate/University markets. No project is too small or too big. They provide superb quality seating for both the budget conscious as well as the more prestigious projects.

Royal Seating
Royal Seating has taken into consideration all of the important variables such as comfort, structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, functionality and cost so that their auditorium chairs are truly an exceptional value. They have a wide variety of models of auditorium seating available -- all of them adhering to quality standards. Inclusive in every chair are the unique features that set their chairs apart. Features include gravity-lift seats, utilizing gravity, not springs, for quiet, maintenance-free, uniform lift of all seats for the life of the chair; molded structural plastic parts throughout, allowing for continuity of design and texture, actual ergonomic support to be built into the chair, dent-proof, rust-proof, and scratch-resistant chairs which are also accoustically-friendly and very pleasing to the eye; and premium comfort levels due to serpentine springs in the seat foundation for maximum comfort without “bottoming out” and cold-molded foam in both the seats and backs for the highest quality of softness with a high degree of density and durability.           

2418 Renaissance HB from Track Seating
The 2418 Renaissance HB from Track Seating has a 35-inch-high back and a soft-edge, one-piece, injection-molded outer back. It has an upholstered inner back and an upholstered seat with suspension system. This model also has dual-action multiple-spring lift system with ductile iron hinges and 14-gauge steel standards. The model shown has optional Folding Tablet Arm and optional number/letter system in etched aluminum. Track Seating is a division of Track Corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of a full line of both indoor and outdoor fixed seating, which includes auditoriums, stadiums, education, government, churches, businesses and specialty venues.

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