School Curriculum

Fulfilling Your School’s Distinctively Christian Mission

  By Dr. Roger C. S. Erdvig Several years ago, I set out to understand how a biblical worldview actually develops in a person—how someone comes to desire, think, and act in alignment with biblical truth. I spent hundreds of hours analyzing the experiences and reflections of Christian young adults, and I discovered some important truths.

Why Art?

  By Marcia Osterink Art is essential to every child’s education. Today, more than ever, we realize how the world turns on the solutions and products of the creative thinkers. As the people of the world collectively hold their breaths waiting for a vaccine to save us all, scientists furiously work to find the creative

Creating a Coherent Curriculum

  By Steven Weber Every school needs a coherent curriculum. It’s the role of an instructional leader to develop that curriculum. Teachers and administrators can begin to lose sight of that when they focus on local and statewide initiatives, which can easily consume every minute of the day. Beane wrote, “coherent curriculum is one that

Essential Questions for Selecting the Right Digital Content Providers

Trying to figure out which digital content providers are right for your school is difficult. Though the digital content market is still in its nascent stages, it is already diverse and complex enough to overwhelm many teachers or school leaders who are trying to decide which products to choose. Faced with the prospect of selecting

Keyboarding Skill: The Best Bargain in Town

For as little as $5 per student per year (in some cases even less), students can get one of the most useful skills they will ever have: the ability to communicate fluently through the keyboard. All educators know that students need keyboarding skill for online testing. Many students will need it for college entrance qualification,

What Are the Attributes of High-Quality Curriculum?

By Angela Di Michele Lalor As part of The Unique Animal Kingdom, students explore the question, are all animals the same? During the unit, students develop the understanding that while all animals share common characteristics, each has unique features that set them apart from other animals. Each student chooses an animal that can be found