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School Finance & Fundraising

The Role of Analytics in Growth-Driven School Decision-Making

  Analytics refers to the use of data to visualize trends. Educators use analytics in a variety of ways to help make decisions about program offerings and potential donors, as well as to market those offerings, apply for credit, and meet accreditation requirements.  There are a variety of ways to collect the data used to

Harnessing Social Reciprocity Among Parents

  By Erica Pettis Gratitude-based philanthropy, a well-established concept in healthcare, can also be embraced and applied to schools through a “grateful parent” program. Whether a primary, secondary, single-sex, or co-ed school, parents are important members of any educational community. Opportunities to discuss “grateful parent” fundraising are driven by key moments in a family’s lifecycle

Three School Fundraising Methods That Boost Profits

  How can Christian schools successfully raise funds to meet their financial needs? School fundraising may be in order if your school needs new books, new gym equipment, or help to fund a field trip or other event. Is it worth the effort? We think so. While 35% of schools earn $0-$5,000 annually from fundraising,

FUNdraising with Pride, Purpose, and Passion

  Fundraising events are often viewed as a dreaded task. It does not have to be that way. In fact, it can be FUN, with the right mindset and the right product to sell. Optimally, a fundraising event help students experience three principles that we call the “3 Ps”:  Pride, Purpose, and Passion. A fundraiser

What Is a GPO and Why Should You Use One?

  By John Hagarty A group purchasing organization (GPO) leverages the collective buying power of its members to obtain significant discounts on desired products and services. Some GPOs work with all markets and industries, while others have a niche segment. Examples of segments include service industries, such as faith-based nonprofits, schools, healthcare and hospitality. GPOs can be

Putting to Bed Some Sacred Cows of Fundraising

  Over our years of fundraising experience, we’ve encountered some common misperceptions about why and how people give – and what motivates them to do so. Let’s tuck some of these into bed for a long-needed rest. “Planned giving is too complicated.” No, planned giving can be quite simple. To launch a simple bequest program,

Fundraising Success Is in the (Trash) Bag

  Every year, schools are faced with the need for fundraising for different activities and programs for their school. St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Kansas City, Missouri, has found one of the best fundraisers for their school. For over 35 years, St. Elizabeth has held a trash bag fundraiser and raised thousands of dollars each

4 Proven Christian School Fundraiser Ideas to Help You Raise More Money

By Tim Grable When you are the organizer of a Christian school fundraiser, it might not always be clear how you can tailor Christian values to the age group you are addressing. How can you best entertain school kids, while also conveying the proper message and the best-fitting rhetoric? To address this inquiry, here’s a

Is Variable Tuition Right for Your School?

In every school that I have partnered with, cost continues to be an issue among parents. When I conduct a parent survey, I can predict that affordability will be one of the lowest rated areas of satisfaction and tuition will be one of the least liked areas of the school. Cost is the most identified

Majority of Americans Support School Fundraising

Support for school and youth group fundraising is strong in the United States, according to findings from a recent national survey commissioned by the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS). Six out of 10 adult Americans purchased consumer items, such as gift wrap, food, magazine subscriptions, gift items and other products, to support a

7 Ways to Get a Jump-Start on Fall Fundraising

Fall may seem like a ways off, but when it comes to fundraising, it’s never too early to start the planning process. Finding ways to be proactive about your fundraising efforts is the best way to set your school up for future success. So, where do you begin? Consider these seven tips to help you

The 4 Stages of Major Gift Prospecting in Christian Schools

By Jeff Hensley While annual giving is the sustaining lifeblood of a typical non-profit or educational institution, major gifts can transform an organization, allow it to expand, or even endow its programs in perpetuity. Their size varies from organization to organization, depending on the organization’s size and average gift, but they represent gifts that dwarf

Seven Stages of a Fundraiser

So, you’re set on having a fundraiser, eh? Before you jump in headfirst, check out the steps we’ve mapped out for you. If you take time to consider and work on each one, the fundraising process will go a lot smoother. You can’t go off to battle without a little training first, right? Okay, so

Secrets to Fundraising Success

1. Select the best fundraiser for your school. Decide which fundraiser will best meet your needs and goals. You will be successful if you choose wisely. Look for tips on choosing a fundraiser further below in this article. 2. Plan ahead. Start planning at least one month in advance. Select your fundraiser early to assure