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How Common Areas Support Learning

  Common spaces in 21st century schools are areas that exist in virtually all buildings but have never been utilized for learning. And, they can be as different as the school buildings they’re in. From hallways to stairwells, what was once dead space is being put to work in innovative new ways. Often outfitted with

Technology for K-12 Campuses

  By Felix Zayas As Christian school administrators plan technology for their campuses, it can be overwhelming to review all the technology trends in K-12 education. Based on our expertise and trends in education as a whole, this article provides an overview of the top four current technological trends to focus your planning on in

Furnishings and Amenities for Outdoor Learning

  As the new school year gets under way, educational facilities welcome back students, faculty, families and visitors. While these school buildings have seen many changes in the needs, requirements and recommendations for health, safety and security in recent years, some important elements remain the same. Specifically, the site furnishings that add to the outdoor

Embracing Multi-Use Learning Spaces in K-12 Schools

  In an era where “one size fits all” has become increasingly outdated, the design of K-12 schools is no exception. Gone are the days of rigid, single-purpose classrooms that merely serve as vessels for information delivery. Enter the age of flexible, multi-use learning spaces that foster creativity, collaboration and adaptability. Adapting to the Dynamics

Digital Signage Injects Meaning into K12 Communications

  Few audiovisual technologies have as broad of an appeal or variety of use cases as digital signage. Once primarily an informational tool for consumer-facing businesses, digital signage has found its way into nearly every public and private vertical. K12 schools have increasingly embraced digital signage as a way to communicate inspirational content and messages

Tips for Creating a Cleaning Plan That Suits Your School

  According to the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, 22 million school days are lost each year due to the common cold, and up to 38 million school days due to the flu. These numbers are staggering, but not surprising. Schools are a breeding ground of viruses, bacteria, dirt, dust, and infections. Poor hygiene leads to

Making the Right Flooring Choice

  By Cynthia Ray When it comes to flooring for your school, how do you make the right choice? Let’s be honest. Out of all the finish materials that go into a school, the most performance is expected out of flooring. It has to hold up to high foot traffic but be easy to maintain.

Three Reasons Why Everyone Has a Role to Play in the Green Schools Movement

  By Jennifer Seydel A California statewide coalition of nearly 50 education and children’s health experts banded together to explore climate change from the unique perspective of health and education for children. Through their research, 14 evidence-based recommendations were developed to center resilience against climate change within California’s public school systems. It explores how the

Air Quality Monitoring in Schools and Classrooms

  Before 2020, air quality monitoring wasn’t among many people’s top concerns for schools. Too often, inadequate ventilation and harmful indoor air pollution went unnoticed. The pandemic changed that. Now, indoor air quality is the center of conversation for many parents, teachers, and school administrators who understand the role of clean indoor air in creating

5 Creative Ways Schools Use Modular Construction

  By Eric Pellerin The best part about modular construction is that it can be useful in nearly every industry. Over the years, we’ve seen many unique uses for modular buildings. The educational sector is one of the most prominent industries taking advantage of modular construction benefits. Here are five unique ways schools are leveraging
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