Planning a Reader-Centered Library Update

  By Jolie Conahan Students that read for pleasure are much more likely to do well academically. What is it, though, that motivates students to pick up a new book and read it for pleasure? Take a journey in your student’s shoes. What do they see when they enter the library, and does that view

Safely Slide into the Winter: Slips, Trips and Fall Season

  By John P. Morris While slips, trips and falls occur year-round, sweater weather is the perfect time to think about fall prevention. Fall hazards exist everywhere, such as slippery leaves, wet and icy pavement and winter decorations with frightening wires posing severe tripping hazards. They can’t be ignored, even when schools are extremely busy

Clean Air, a 21st Century Dilemma

  By Andrew Desmarais A lot has changed over the last 18 months. If we’re lucky, one of those changes will be our conviction, approach and investment in opportunities to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Breathing clean air has implications not only in schools but across the built environment. From pathogen mitigation to improved cognition

Flex Spaces in Schools

  In today’s schools, flexibility is key to serving an ever-changing array of student and instructor needs. Here are some of the trends our K-12 team is seeing, and implementing, in educational facilities. Q: What are some of the materials/features supporting flex spaces that are popular with schools these days? CHAD RETTKE, CONSTRUCTION EXECUTIVE: The

Returning Back to School While Keeping Kids Healthy and Safe

  As we prepare to for students to return to school and to re-enter this “new normal” of post-pandemic life, it is important to consider the impact that cleanliness can play in creating successful faculty, students and community. Younger children are more likely to touch their face, and other surfaces, than adults, which makes it

What Can Marquee Signs Do for Your School?

  By Tyler Pratt Marquee signs have been a staple to educational buildings and schools dating back to the classic one-room schoolhouse. They provide the school’s name, logo, colors, and give spirit to the campus upon arrival. They have evolved greatly over time: starting very basic, then adding customized messages through changeable lettering boxes, to

Furnishing Your School’s Exterior

  By Angela Maloney Outdoor spaces can offer a place to play, to work, to explore, to connect and to learn. After a year of changing guidelines and imposed restrictions, the outdoors have become more important than they ever have been and perhaps should always be. Are your school facilities and exterior spaces equipped with

Utilizing Polished Concrete Flooring in Schools

  One of the growing school renovation trends is implementing polished concrete floors into schools all over the country. Many schools are looking to polished concrete because of how many benefits come with it. Polished concrete can be placed pretty much anywhere in a school, including bathrooms, hallways, cafeterias, entryways, auditoriums and classrooms. There are

Indoor Air Quality Trends for COVID Reentry

  By Robert F. Goodfellow The current COVID-19 pandemic has placed a lot of emphasis on indoor air quality. With respect to HVAC systems, experts have stressed increasing outdoor ventilation air, MERV 13 or better air filtration, and use of portable air cleaners and germicidal UVC lights. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a complex issue.

How Modular Classrooms Can Help with Social Distancing

  Modular buildings have been a solution for overcrowding in schools for years. With many schools returning with in-person or face-to-face learning, the need for additional space is more important than ever. Modular classrooms offer a temporary solution with all the comforts of a regular classroom, and we have developed solutions for not only additional