5 Tips to Maximize Gym Space with Portable Partitions

  A school fieldhouse or gymnasium can host a lot of events and activities. From intramural tournaments to local blood drives, there is a wide array of community events that need space to operate. When coordinating a schedule for this type of facility, it’s a good idea to be as adaptable as possible. Here are

6 Ideas for Your Digital Signage for Schools

  Research has shown that 73% of learning institutions agreed that digital signage for schools is crucial in building better communication. Many schools are looking for school signage ideas to reach their students, teachers, and staff effectively. Why are educational institutions looking for school signage ideas and have digital signage running? The answer is simple:

Furnishing the Outdoor Classroom

  By Pat McNamara What better way to bring to life what kids are learning about inside the classroom than to bring them outdoors where they can spread out, get creative, and truly experience learning? The pandemic created a need for kids to social, or rather physical, distance from each other. As such, outdoor learning

It’s Time to Go Touchless

  As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, public health officials have kept up messaging that focuses on the importance of handwashing to prevent the spread of disease. Since hand drying is just as critical as handwashing to curtailing the transmission of dangerous viruses and bacteria, a pertinent question remains: should you

Libraries that Empower New Learners

  By Mariana Lavezzo Library design has evolved from the traditional centralized model, serving as a destination for quiet learning activities and reading, to a media resource center with more of a coffee house vibe. Many libraries are taking out outdated computer labs and replacing them with makerspaces of varying scales for digital creations, tinkering

Which Resinous Flooring Options Are Right for Your School?

  By Heather McKay Choosing the right flooring in a school environment requires a bit more planning than one might think. While color schemes and aesthetics typically get a lot of attention, it’s important to consider flooring performance, as well. Resinous flooring, while extremely versatile, may or may not be the best fit for every

5 Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Shopping for School Kitchen Equipment

  The future of a country depends on its youth, and in this sense, making sure all the children of America are well-fed is a patriot act. School cafeterias and dining halls are responsible for the care and safety of many students and school staff members. School kitchen equipment is thus manufactured to serve large

Designing an Enduring Educational Future

  By Ryan Walters Every building has a story. A water story, a safety story, an energy story. For us, these stories all intertwine with sustainability. We believe sustainable design is inseparable from great design. So, what does sustainability mean when it comes to educational architecture? While we have known for some time of the

Why Schools Need Professional Cleaning Services After COVID-19

  With professional cleaning services, staff and students can be safer from infection and go to school each day with genuine peace of mind. Every school can benefit from hiring professionals. In order to make a decision, it’s important to fully understand what those benefits are. The first benefit is straightforward, but it can also

Cleaning. Sanitizing. Disinfecting.

  The pandemic has blurred the lines between cleaning and disinfecting. They are two separate processes; however, they are now the same in the mind of the building occupant/user. COVID has wholly changed how “clean” is looked at in an educational environment. Clean is now not just viewed as “tidy”—it is now viewed as “safe.”
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