Utilizing Polished Concrete Flooring in Schools

  One of the growing school renovation trends is implementing polished concrete floors into schools all over the country. Many schools are looking to polished concrete because of how many benefits come with it. Polished concrete can be placed pretty much anywhere in a school, including bathrooms, hallways, cafeterias, entryways, auditoriums and classrooms. There are

Indoor Air Quality Trends for COVID Reentry

  By Robert F. Goodfellow The current COVID-19 pandemic has placed a lot of emphasis on indoor air quality. With respect to HVAC systems, experts have stressed increasing outdoor ventilation air, MERV 13 or better air filtration, and use of portable air cleaners and germicidal UVC lights. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a complex issue.

How Modular Classrooms Can Help with Social Distancing

  Modular buildings have been a solution for overcrowding in schools for years. With many schools returning with in-person or face-to-face learning, the need for additional space is more important than ever. Modular classrooms offer a temporary solution with all the comforts of a regular classroom, and we have developed solutions for not only additional

Cafeteria Design Impacts Student Participation

  By Teri Wilson-Ruggles The school cafeteria is frequented by a large majority of students every day. The space serves a primary purpose of providing a dining area to provide nutrition to all who participate. However, as the need arises, these spaces have had to be transformed into versatile multi-purpose spaces due to increasing lack

Implementing Safety Graphics

  As schools begin to reopen their classrooms for in-person learning, educators must adapt new safety practices and protocols such as: Placing social distancing signage throughout their facility Creating emergency and contingency plans in case of infection Securing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for their campus Instituting new cleaning procedures Mandating face masks and desk

What Can Schools Learn About Effective Sanitation from Food Manufacturing?

  By Bob Ogren This back-to-school season will go down in history. Eyes around the nation were fixated on schools as administrators and board members made decisions about re-opening plans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Private Christian schools played a big role in the return to school, in part because some families needed

Post-Pandemic Learning Environments

  By Steven Herr, AIA For educators, students and families, 2020 has been a test of patience and persistence. Finishing the school year remotely, creating contingency plans for a new year and preparing facilities for in-person learning this fall has forced many of us to reflect on the state of our learning environments. Even if

Air Quality in Educational Facilities

  By Trey Fly Air quality in educational facilities has always been very important. Schools have a high concentration of people that come and go every day, often bringing in new germs from the outside world. There are many studies over the years that correlate poor air quality with lower test scores and increased absences.

10 Spaces Every School Should Update with Signs Before Reopening

  Signs and graphics have always been used to provide direction, impart information, and inspire new behavior, but in a world adapting to a whole new mode of thinking, they become guiding lights on the pathway to safety. Exterior Yard signs can incorporate directional messages or imagery to point students and staff where they need

The Three Keys to a Return to Operations

  By Nathan Parr The world’s response to COVID-19 impacted us all. The return to school operations will bring families that have elevated expectations for a clean facility with a heightened understanding that it takes more to do it right. Schools have always faced a higher risk for exposure to, well, everything. With the return