5 Key Indoor Air Quality Issues in Schools

  By Regina Vaicekonyte In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools across the nation are now prioritizing IAQ and ventilation. The Center for Green Schools recently published a report detailing indoor air quality measures schools have implemented in response to the pandemic. The study found that among the 47 school districts and independent schools

Is Your School Fully Prepared for an Emergency?

  When it comes to campus safety, Christian and private schools must effectively address two main components of their lockdown and/or emergency response plans to keep their communities safe. The first is Procedures. The second, and often neglected yet most critical aspect, is Rapid Communication. The Value of Strategic Lockdown Procedures Procedures are comprised of

What School Leaders Should Know About Background Checks

  By Thomas Ahearn While all employers have a responsibility to provide safe workplaces for their employees and the public, schools have an additional obligation to protect what is considered to be a “vulnerable” population: school children. One way to do this is through background checks of teachers and other school workers. Each state has

Why Drug Test?

  By Wil Elder Preparing students for morally centered lives built on the principles of lifelong learning, testament to their faith, and resilience in the face of adversity might be considered common core values of the faith-based educator. Especially today, with societal shifts creating daily moral challenges, the importance of instilling those core values in

Safety Communication Tools   

  By Laura Ray Pre-pandemic, schools nationwide had very well-versed and practiced emergency communication plans. However, with the onset of the global pandemic, everything has changed in the operations of the education industry. If simple things have changed, like how you interact with students and staff daily, would it be safe to say that your

School Security: Implementing a Layered Approach

  By Terence W. Kirby If your attitude is, “It can’t happen here,” you are fooling yourself. Columbine and Sandy Hook are just the incidents we hear about. There are thousands more every year that do not make the national news, directly affecting both public and private schools, and many pose a threat to the

K-12 Safety Experts Share Tips for Creating Safer Christian Schools

  By Shannon Zaher Christian schools are blessed with a great sense of community and parental involvement that most other schools could only envy. However, when it comes to campus and student security, familiarity can have the negative side effect of creating a false sense of security. As most school leaders know, Christian schools are

Practical, Code-Compliant Classroom Lockdown Solutions

  By Kerby Lecka Although the COVID pandemic has dominated our attention in the K-12 environment, school security must still be on our radar. If there is a silver lining to the pandemic, it’s the fact that remote learning contributed to a reduction in school shootings in 2020. However, 2021 saw a return to the

What Are Your Options for Access Control?

  Feeling safe in your environment is a necessary requirement for growth and development. However, with the constant negative news cycle, it’s hard to feel safe anywhere, especially in school. Dozens of shootings have already occurred in schools across the country this year, and children are acutely aware of the danger. This environment not only

3 Ways to Make Your Social Distancing Signs More Effective

  By Amy Servi How can you make your school more safe and sanitary for all? One way is to make sure your social distancing signs and products are exactly where they should be to effectively reach as many people as possible. In this article, we’ll walk you through the all-too-common issues with current social
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