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How Technology Is Elevating School Safety Protocols

  As 2023 came to a close, the United States surpassed a grim milestone: another record high for school shootings. It’s the third year in a row that school violence has outpaced the previous year, as more than 340 school shootings have added to a national crisis that seems unending. While each incident is unique,

6 Tips on Emergency Communication in Schools

  Plenty of procedures and protocols are in place in our nation’s schools. Nearly everything has a system in place that helps bring structure to all aspects of education. When a school day becomes chaotic, however, and an emergency arises, adhering to the in-place policy for response and communication can become difficult or impossible. Below

Combined Solutions Provide Comprehensive Security 

  Schools have moved away from an open front door environment where parents and delivery personnel can freely walk into a lobby. Administrators can now incorporate locked entrances where people can only enter the building after initially being vetted by staff. Implementing two-way intercom systems at the school entrance provides an important first layer of

The Critical Role of an Emergency Notification System (ENS) in Educational Institutions

  By Mark J. Fletcher Unfortunately, today’s climate, discernably marked by ever-increasing security threats in all environments, implementing comprehensive Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) in our educational institutions and facilities has become a necessity rather than an afterthought or luxury. This urgent need is particularly prevalent in faith-based schools, which face unique challenges due to growing

The Imperative of Situational Awareness Technology

  By Danielle Myers The safety of students and staff within educational institutions is paramount, and the integration of advanced technology has emerged as a critical component. Among the various solutions, situational awareness (SA) technology stands out as a game-changer in bolstering school safety. This innovative approach can combine real-time data analysis, sensor networks, communication

Classroom Lockdown Solutions

  By Rob Schorr and Paul Hevesy There are few topics in the news these days that are more important or emotionally charged than K-12 and specifically religiously oriented school security. This topic has generated a plethora of complex solutions. However, researched more thoroughly, many of the resultant system designs are certainly not for the

Pros and Cons of Bulletproof Windows in Schools

  To mitigate attacks that start outside buildings, schools are fortifying classrooms and entryways by adding bulletproof windows and ballistic-rated glass doors to protect students and staff. How effective is bulletproof glass for schools, and does it make sense to implement, given your school’s security budget? What Are Bulletproof Windows? Bulletproof windows, also known as

Securing Schools with an Invisible Fortress

  By Ara H. Bagdasarian As concerns about school safety continue to grow, schools are looking for new and innovative ways to protect their students from harm. One approach that is gaining traction is the concept of building an “invisible fortress” around schools. This involves using a combination of technology, design, and security measures to

Faster and Better-Informed Crisis Response Using Incident Command Systems

  We live in an age of random public violence. Our institutions like education are, quite literally, under fire. Schools have been seen to benefit by the implementation of Public Safety Software that can coordinate disaster response faster and more efficiently, and provide schools with the ability to document every step in fine detail for

8 Ways Access Control Systems Can Provide School Security

  By Thomas Carnevale Educational facilities require a secured learning environment. Implementing efficient education and school security systems is a top priority to ensure the safety of students, teachers, staff, and others within the school premises. This task requires a balance between creating a welcoming learning environment for students and implementing sound security solutions that
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