Sports Floor Safety and Longevity

   The importance of maintaining the quality and safety of a sport floor Many schools have wood sports floors. They are expensive to build, which is why it is important to maintain their quality and surface safety. Most gymnasiums are used for many different activities, like basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, social activities, and even floor hockey.

Are You a PE Pirate?

  By Pete Charrette “Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate.” Historically, pirates have been given a bad rap…and for good reason. They were cruel and ruthless characters who plundered the high seas to steal treasure and pillage innocent groups of people. They could be despicable and merciless,

Synthetic Turf and Injury Prevention  

  Outdoor athletic facilities bring your community together under Friday night lights. It serves as the place for athletes to gather for fun, competition, and personal achievement. Preserving health and safety requires preventative field maintenance to eliminate injuries. This ensures your athletes have a solid foundation to be healthy on and off the field. Assessing

5 “Must-Haves” for Middle School PE

  By Tim Mueller What equipment do you need to teach a quality middle school PE program? Wouldn’t it be awesome if every school had an unlimited budget, and we all had fully stocked equipment rooms with the latest and greatest equipment? Assuming most PE programs already have basic sports equipment, there are several items

A Primer on Poured in Place Rubber

  By Hal Gourad Every year, on average, 220,000 kids are sent to the emergency room due to injuries on public playgrounds. Since 80% of those injuries are due to falls, and 70% of those falls are to the surface of the playground, adequately surfacing your playground is very crucial. Besides playground mulch, rubber mulch,

Choosing a Playground Surfacing System

  By Marissa Bauer Building, expanding, or refurbishing a playground for your school is always an exciting process. Often, we spend most of our thoughts and energy on selecting new equipment and colors. While equipment type and aesthetics are an important part of the conversation surrounding any playground renovation, it is critical to not overlook

Purchasing a New Gym Floor? 

  By John Ficks Here are some considerations to ensure a successful experience. Buying a new gym floor should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. This is your opportunity to choose a floor system that will serve as the platform for a variety of activities for many years into the future. If the purchase is

Hardwood Athletic Floors: Why Hard Maple?

  By Randy Randjelovic If an athletic facility in North America has a wood floor, there is a good chance it is made from Hard Maple. Also known as Sugar Maple, it is the same tree that gets tapped in late winter to turn 40 gallons of collected sap into one gallon of maple syrup.

What PE Equipment Should I Buy?

  By Ben Landers It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what PE equipment you should have, as you try to decide what to spend your money on and how to make good decisions that will give the biggest benefits to your students. Before you start to order equipment, think about planning an outline

Athletic Fields Within Your Budget

  Nearly every school has athletic-based activities even if only physical education classes or intramural activities. Students are being introduced to a variety of athletics as part of daily curriculums in an effort to create more active lifestyles, but all too often the schools don’t have a safe and reliable athletic space for the students
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