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Combine Panic Alerts and ARS for a Robust Safety Solution

  The rise in school deaths and violence is mind-numbing, but states and districts are becoming more proactive in their efforts to stem the continuing rise of school threats and emergencies. One example is the new grant programs for schools to purchase silent panic alert technologies that schools can use to signal a life-threatening situation

3 Ways Software Improves K-12 School Facility Planning

  K-12 school facility planning is stressful, complex, and time-consuming. COVID-19 placed an increased emphasis on the need for alterations and renovations in K-12 school buildings. Beyond the typical upkeep and general maintenance, there has been a significant escalation in HVAC work requests, increased complexity in maintaining HVAC facilities, and the need for comprehensive air

How to Easily Communicate Car Line Process to New Parents

  With back to school in full swing, it’s not just new students that aren’t sure where to go or what to do quite yet.  You know what it’s like being new and not knowing what to do and worrying you’re not going to get it right. Parents, too, need some help understanding critical components

Software In Today's Christian Classroom

  By Andrea Alcala-Vasquez Software has become critical in the modern classroom to support student engagement and teacher effectiveness. The K-12 teaching and learning environment continues to evolve and respond to latest challenges like effective distance learning brought on by public health crises. And, in America, increasing political polarization around critical race theory, student social

How to Reach Everyone During an Emergency with Mass Notification

  By Paul Shain Mass notification systems to help achieve the speed and reach they need to ensure everyone receives a message as quickly as possible. Mass notification systems offer several benefits that can help schools enhance safety and communication. It all starts by understanding the types of situations a school is likely to encounter

Key Capabilities to Improve Communication

  By Peter Steinfeld Effective communication in schools is more challenging than ever. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the ability to keep students and staff safe, and schools also face increases in severe weather events, violence, and more. For administrators, staying up to date on each of these threats and notifying a large

For Management Systems, Timing Is Everything

  By Gary Falcon So, you’ve decided the time has come to improve your school management system: giving your teachers great tools for parent communications; providing online classrooms to better support students; making it easy to collect attendance and generate report cards. Congrats! This is a big step toward improving your school. The next big

5 Ways to Increase Parent-School Communication

  It has been said that communication is the cornerstone of good parent-school relationships. This statement rings even more true as we move into an era where schools are becoming more accountable for student success. One of the best ways to measure success is through collaborative relationships with parents, teachers, and school administrators. When one

How to Choose Classroom Management Software

  By Jordan Walker As a professional in a K-12 school, you’re probably familiar with the term “classroom management.” Classroom management is used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring lessons run smoothly without disruption. Since you’re at the forefront of edtech integration, it’s likely you’ve also been tasked with getting your school up

How Technology Can Be Used to Keep Schools and Students Safe

  By Kevin Brown and Alok Jain Albert Einstein once stated that a problem cannot be solved with the same consciousness that created it. This concept is spot-on when it comes to school safety and security – particularly with Christian schools. All too often, public schools approach safety and security with an “insurance policy” mentality;
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