How Technology Can Be Used to Keep Schools and Students Safe

  By Kevin Brown and Alok Jain Albert Einstein once stated that a problem cannot be solved with the same consciousness that created it. This concept is spot-on when it comes to school safety and security – particularly with Christian schools. All too often, public schools approach safety and security with an “insurance policy” mentality;

Design a Dual Credit Program that Works

  By Joe Bakker During the 2017-2018 school year, 82% of public high schools in the United States offered dual credit opportunities for their students. Here in 2021, most secondary students and their parents expect an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. Christian high schools seeking to meet this expectation have decisions

Getting Started with Digital Signage

  There’s no doubt about it: technology is rapidly changing our education systems, affecting both the methods of teaching and the way that students learn. Today, more than 90% of classrooms in the United States use computers, incorporating much more engaging, visual content than previous generations. This transition is certainly effective, especially when you consider

7 Expert Predictions for the Future of Learning in 2021

  2020 put the U.S. education system to the test in every way possible. Ask any teacher, student, administrator, or parent of school-aged kids, and they’ll tell you that school is vastly different than it was pre-COVID-19. “The pandemic challenged nearly everything our institutionalized education system knows about how to teach, learn, and empower students,”

Less Paper, Not Paperless

  By Caroline Gilchrist “The office of the future.” That’s what the paperless office was dubbed in 1975, the first time it was predicted—long before computers sat on every desktop and lessons in keyboard skills eclipsed lessons in cursive. Yet while some schools have shifted to executing processes electronically, others continue printing off stacks of

Messaging and Communication Are Not the Same Thing

  By Ellen Lee With changes happening daily in school systems, being proactive in communicating with parents is more important than ever. You’ve likely increased the frequency of your messaging to get everyone on the same page. So why does it feel like the information isn’t getting through? The reason has a lot to do

8 Tips to Help Manage Increased Tech Usage During Back to School

  With schools relying on education technology more than ever this year, preparing for a significant surge of online usage and the possible impact this could have on your systems should be on every tech leader’s mind this back-to-school season. Most schools are starting either fully or partially online, which means there’s a potential for

Best Practices for Parent Communication During COVID

  By Amanda Richards Especially during a time of crisis, there is not a “one size fits all” solution to parent communication during COVID-19. What may be the perfect amount of communication for one parent might be too much communication for another parent. Similarly, what one principal may feel is reasonable for communication may not

Digital Contact Tracing: Academic Applications Beyond Pandemic Response

  By Jana Rankin Contact tracing has emerged as one of the most recognizable terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the actual practice has long been used to unravel complex human interactions and recreate them within specific parameters such as location, duration, or physical proximity. While we are all aware that health officials are applying

Educators Go the Distance

  By Sandra Love Educators are going the distance to keep learning moving onward and to build connections while maintaining a high standard of excellence. During this time of planning and delivering a new mode of learning, we must shift our perception to focus on how to best navigate these unusual times. As educators, it