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Elevating Schools with Esports

  The video game industry has surged to historic levels of popularity in recent years, surpassing the overall market share of film and North American sports combined. As gaming continues to dominate pop culture, the impact of this massive enterprise has migrated into other areas as well, specifically within schools. As more students are participating

Management Systems Help Eliminate Distractions in the Digital Classroom

  Even before the advent of digital learning and the proliferation of technology devices at school, eliminating distractions in K-12 classrooms has always been top of mind for educators. However, today, with 1:1 technology where each student has their own mobile computing device, websites and applications like games, social media sites, and video streaming platforms

The Critical Role of an Emergency Notification System (ENS) in Educational Institutions

  By Mark J. Fletcher Unfortunately, today’s climate, discernably marked by ever-increasing security threats in all environments, implementing comprehensive Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) in our educational institutions and facilities has become a necessity rather than an afterthought or luxury. This urgent need is particularly prevalent in faith-based schools, which face unique challenges due to growing

The Role of Analytics in Growth-Driven School Decision-Making

  Analytics refers to the use of data to visualize trends. Educators use analytics in a variety of ways to help make decisions about program offerings and potential donors, as well as to market those offerings, apply for credit, and meet accreditation requirements.  There are a variety of ways to collect the data used to

Communicating Better with Parents

  An open and clear line of communication between parents and teachers is vital for supporting children in their learning journey. When both these pillars of support – teachers and parents – come together, children tend to flourish in all areas of development. Educators can grasp what is going on in a child’s home and

Tips for Managing Student Devices in the Classroom

  By David Lopez Technology and devices have become part of the DNA of a classroom. Tablets, mobile devices, laptops, smartboards, and digital screens are now the norm. Significant research on the topic also sheds light on technology effectiveness. The research project “Technology and Education Reform,” sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, offers these

Why School Library Software Is Essential

  Do you ever feel like your school library could be doing more? Are you tired of spending hours tracking down individual books, then reshelving them when the patrons ended up choosing a different book? If so, it might be time to invest in some school library software. Software designed for school libraries can automate

The Role of Technology in School Safety

  By Heather Terry Across the entire school safety spectrum, technology has played a significant role in enhancing school safety, especially in recent years. Coordinating this technology successfully requires looking at the big picture of your school safety and security ecosystem. Getting your existing systems to communicate with each other can better streamline your school

Changing Threats Require Changing Security Measures for Educational Facilities

  By Lisa Durel It has never been more important to ensure the safety of educational facilities, their students, and staff from dangers that lurk just outside the campus. In fact, there’s been an ever-growing concern about the dangers that manage to make it inside the school walls without detection. On-campus safety has typically been

Combine Panic Alerts and ARS for a Robust Safety Solution

  The rise in school deaths and violence is mind-numbing, but states and districts are becoming more proactive in their efforts to stem the continuing rise of school threats and emergencies. One example is the new grant programs for schools to purchase silent panic alert technologies that schools can use to signal a life-threatening situation
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