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6 Ideas for Your Digital Signage for Schools

July 26, 2022 jill Blog


Research has shown that 73% of learning institutions agreed that digital signage for schools is crucial in building better communication. Many schools are looking for school signage ideas to reach their students, teachers, and staff effectively.

Why are educational institutions looking for school signage ideas and have digital signage running? The answer is simple: We live in a digital era. People have their eyes glued to screens while their fingers tap away on their digital screens. Consuming digital media is now like second nature. Young generations grow up surrounded by digital information and digital elements. Therefore, schools need to transform and adapt to technology and foster strong communications with everyone.

Here are the top school signage ideas to brighten your institution’s communication with relevant content.

  1. Social Media Feeds

Displaying social media feeds on-screen is one of the most effective ways to inform and stay connected with your students in the school. Moreover, the platforms promote the official channels where important updates about the organization are put up.

Social media feeds also ensure that your signage is continually fed with up-to-date content, with the school staff being in total control all the time. Supplying them with content is crucial as the school staff will manage the content displayed. Furthermore, social media has filtering moderation and features that help keep the content suitable for your viewers.

  1. News and Updates

The more informed students are, the better learners they become. However, staying updated on the events and news outside the school environment can be challenging for students. Fortunately, when you use school signage, you can update the news feed automatically so the students can be aware of what’s going on at the school.

As long as the content is displayed on digital platforms, it will stay relevant to students. Because of this, the administration can run updates and news relevant to the students, faculty, and staff on their digital signage. These updates let you attract and retain your students’ attention.

  1. Event Displays, Schedules, and Promotions

Schools no longer need to paste posters on their notice boards. From Halloween parties to prom and competitions, you can simply post the information on a screen in the corridors and lobbies and use an automatic content moderator.

Digital signs also let you share announcements for upcoming events from any group at the school. Students can be encouraged to post their events using this system. Departments such as athletics can use these channels to inform the school on game schedules and news.

If your school has several events planned, you can use your digital sign system to schedule when you want the dates for the events to appear on your screens. Then, the content will automatically go up on the screens at your selected time.

Your school can use digital signage to make public service announcements and share volunteer opportunities. These announcements will draw attention to the different resources that your students might not be using yet.

  1. Emergencies and Impromptu Alerts

Digital signs are very effective for relaying emergency and impromptu alerts. Moreover, school digital signage can be relied on to show unplanned menu changes or to introduce new food items.

Similarly, school signage can share emergency alerts and information instantly. You can display escape routes, meeting points, resource stations, and contact information. Displaying this information can help your students evacuate in a calm and orderly way.  Some emergency alert types include emails, social media, texts, strobe lights, and sirens or alarms. What’s more, these solutions are easily adaptable so they can also help the visually and hearing-impaired people at your school.

Typically, FEMA recommends school digital signs to have Common Alerting Protocol or CAP. This lets everyone at the school get specialized alerts and allows the admin to update the screens as the emergency evolves.

  1. Dashboards and Digital Menu Boards

News, weather, gauges, charts, and tables are some of the most popular dashboard content. In addition to using content from social media feeds and news, creating your dashboard content is a relatively easy process. You can also find online portals that offer tools and templates to create your dashboards.

You can use digital signs as menu boards to display meal options in the cafeteria. You can also show the menu boards in other locations such as in the lobbies, or on the way to the cafeteria. In addition, any item deleted or added to the menu can pop up as an alert.

Moreover, you can list ingredients and nutritional facts beside each meal with the prices. This will ensure the school community is conscious of their choice of food. Similarly, you can use digital signs for seasonal promotions, along with the recipes to spark interest in the culinary program in the school.

  1. Room Bookings and Rental for Empty Spaces

Booking times in some spaces, such as the gym or library, can be at a premium in various schools. Thus, it’s helpful to let people know how many sessions have already been booked. The signs are easy to display outside the institution so students and the public can see how many rooms are still open. Moreover, using the signage can help eliminate any confusion of what rooms are in use, and ensure all spaces are utilized efficiently.

Other spaces like the gym are often unused during weekends and school breaks. When more people know which rooms are available, you can easily get more bookings, especially if you intend to rent the space out. Besides, using the empty rooms helps them to pay for their service and maintenance fees.

Digital signage has become increasingly popular in all industries, and the education sector is no exception. Education digital signage can help create a fulfilling and inspirational environment, in and out of the classroom. It’s beneficial for education institutes to embrace digital signs and use them to their fullest potential.

This information is courtesy of Kuusoft, a digital menu board and digital signage total solution provider based in Burnaby, BC,