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The Critical Role of an Emergency Notification System (ENS) in Educational Institutions

  By Mark J. Fletcher Unfortunately, today’s climate, discernably marked by ever-increasing security threats in all environments, implementing comprehensive Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) in our educational institutions and facilities has become a necessity rather than an afterthought or luxury. This urgent need is particularly prevalent in faith-based schools, which face unique challenges due to growing

The Imperative of Situational Awareness Technology

  By Danielle Myers The safety of students and staff within educational institutions is paramount, and the integration of advanced technology has emerged as a critical component. Among the various solutions, situational awareness (SA) technology stands out as a game-changer in bolstering school safety. This innovative approach can combine real-time data analysis, sensor networks, communication

Classroom Lockdown Solutions

  By Rob Schorr and Paul Hevesy There are few topics in the news these days that are more important or emotionally charged than K-12 and specifically religiously oriented school security. This topic has generated a plethora of complex solutions. However, researched more thoroughly, many of the resultant system designs are certainly not for the

Is Your School Fully Prepared for an Emergency?

  When it comes to campus safety, Christian and private schools must effectively address two main components of their lockdown and/or emergency response plans to keep their communities safe. The first is Procedures. The second, and often neglected yet most critical aspect, is Rapid Communication. The Value of Strategic Lockdown Procedures Procedures are comprised of

Safety Communication Tools   

  By Laura Ray Pre-pandemic, schools nationwide had very well-versed and practiced emergency communication plans. However, with the onset of the global pandemic, everything has changed in the operations of the education industry. If simple things have changed, like how you interact with students and staff daily, would it be safe to say that your

School Security: Implementing a Layered Approach

  By Terence W. Kirby If your attitude is, “It can’t happen here,” you are fooling yourself. Columbine and Sandy Hook are just the incidents we hear about. There are thousands more every year that do not make the national news, directly affecting both public and private schools, and many pose a threat to the

How to Reach Everyone During an Emergency with Mass Notification

  By Paul Shain Mass notification systems to help achieve the speed and reach they need to ensure everyone receives a message as quickly as possible. Mass notification systems offer several benefits that can help schools enhance safety and communication. It all starts by understanding the types of situations a school is likely to encounter

Key Capabilities to Improve Communication

  By Peter Steinfeld Effective communication in schools is more challenging than ever. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the ability to keep students and staff safe, and schools also face increases in severe weather events, violence, and more. For administrators, staying up to date on each of these threats and notifying a large

Ways to Make Standard Response Protocols (SRPs) More Effective

  By Lindsay Bragg Emergency response plans are a serious business. It’s critical to the safety and well-being of students and staff. As part of their emergency planning, many schools require staff members to attend regular training on safety and emergency protocols. It’s an important best practice. But did you know that most people forget
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