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Going Green: Maximizing Sustainability in K-12 Spaces

  By exploring various design strategies and considerations that take sustainability to the next level, K-12 schools can become catalysts for economic growth and academic progress. Forward-thinking designers and educators all play a pivotal role in driving this change. AMPLIFYING LEARNING POTENTIAL WITH CLEAN INDOOR AIR AND NATURAL LIGHT Indoor air quality and ample daylight

Three Reasons Why Everyone Has a Role to Play in the Green Schools Movement

  By Jennifer Seydel A California statewide coalition of nearly 50 education and children’s health experts banded together to explore climate change from the unique perspective of health and education for children. Through their research, 14 evidence-based recommendations were developed to center resilience against climate change within California’s public school systems. It explores how the

Designing an Enduring Educational Future

  By Ryan Walters Every building has a story. A water story, a safety story, an energy story. For us, these stories all intertwine with sustainability. We believe sustainable design is inseparable from great design. So, what does sustainability mean when it comes to educational architecture? While we have known for some time of the
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