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What PE Equipment Should I Buy?

  By Ben Landers It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what PE equipment you should have, as you try to decide what to spend your money on and how to make good decisions that will give the biggest benefits to your students. Before you start to order equipment, think about planning an outline

Athletic Fields Within Your Budget

  Nearly every school has athletic-based activities even if only physical education classes or intramural activities. Students are being introduced to a variety of athletics as part of daily curriculums in an effort to create more active lifestyles, but all too often the schools don’t have a safe and reliable athletic space for the students

How to Make the Perfect Athletic Equipment Purchase

  By Ken Morley III The microcosm of school athletics is really a world of its own. Most of those involved on the surface are coaches, athletes and parents all excited to compete and prove themselves in the arena. Lurking in the shadows of these heroes of the day is a network of people that

Playground Planning Checklist to Help Create the Ultimate Play Experience

  Planning the perfect school playground is easy when you have the right tools. Follow these five easy steps to create the ultimate playground for children in your community and beyond. Envision Your Play Area A great playground will complement your school unique personality and be a destination for years to come. Work with a

3 Keys to Purchasing Athletic Gear for Your Team

By Travis Armideo As an athletic trainer or team coach, you only have so much in your budget to use on athletic equipment, and you have numerous players to outfit. But while the costs add up quickly, price tags shouldn’t be your only concern. Sure, spending $120 here for a pair of shoulder pads and
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