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Major Benefits of LED Upgrades for K-12 Schools

  By Jessica Irvine LEDs (light-emitting diode) lights offer homes and businesses several benefits. The bulbs are energy-efficient and durable and improve lighting quality. LEDs also offer flexible lighting solutions. K-12 schools also see these and other benefits. Students often improve academically after school’s upgrade to LED lights. It’s a cost-effective solution to lower energy

Lighting Case Study

  Located just southwest of Atlanta, Trinity Christian School is a fully accredited private school that enrolls more than 1,200 students. Since 1991, they have experienced significant growth thanks to families who appreciate their holistic approach to student preparation and shared their satisfaction with their students’ education with others. While the expansion of the school

Spotlight on High School Theater

  There is no question that participating in high school theater teaches students a broad range of life skills including teamwork, problem-solving, and multitasking, regardless of whether they are audience-facing or working behind the scenes. Providing high school students with high-quality theater technology and equipment allows them to learn the difficult but rewarding job of

4 Health Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools

  By learning more about the advantages that LED lighting can bring to both your school and the students attending, you can make an informed decision for future generations. LED Lighting and Its Value When reviewing the use of LED lighting and considering its impact on your facility, you may note that LED has several

It’s a Great Time to Light Up Your School!

  By Jeff Carey We’re (hopefully) nearing the end of a worldwide pandemic and some are still recovering from last summer’s Derecho storm that tore through many of our schools in the Midwest. These misfortunes have also created opportunities for administrators to pay closer attention to their bottom line and expenditures and prioritize projects that
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