How to Easily Communicate Car Line Process to New Parents

  With back to school in full swing, it’s not just new students that aren’t sure where to go or what to do quite yet.  You know what it’s like being new and not knowing what to do and worrying you’re not going to get it right. Parents, too, need some help understanding critical components

Eight Questions Bus Buyers Should Ask

  By Brian Schamma Looking for a bus can be a stressful task. Being a good steward of the funds you have been entrusted with sometimes means having to ask for a budget that will get the correct bus instead of the cheapest bus. With the large number of new and used buses available and

School Bus Surveillance

It seems like schools are now being continually bombarded with new ideas and technologies for improving school bus safety. With so much technical innovation happening across the transportation industry, it’s inevitable that many of these new technologies would make their way onto buses. However, which ones are actually worth the money? One easy answer to

A Spotlight on Reconditioned Buses for Your Private School

Like a gentle reawakening of the spirit, a reconditioned bus can take on a new life. Gone are the days of investing a significant amount of financial resources into your transportation budget. Your savings can be multiplied and your investment can be significantly reduced by considering a fully reconditioned bus. Don’t let your school’s commitment

How School Bus Safety Technology Can Help You Solve Transportation Challenges in 2017

By Vlada Terenina Over the last 50 years, technological advances have shaped the modern world. As technology gets more accessible, it’s expanding into all areas of life. The student transportation industry of tomorrow is not going to be the same as the student transportation industry of today. Let’s have a closer look at what challenges
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