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What to Look for in Portable Risers

March 1, 2018 valormedia Blog

The purpose of music risers is to provide a secure stage and backdrop to your rehearsals and performances. The risers make your performers more prominent.

What you may not know is that music risers also provide emotional and mental support for the performers, allowing them to deliver their best. The byproduct of having secure music risers is reflected in your performers.

Here are some of the positive changes:

  • Creates a positive lifestyle/environment that the student will take with them for a lifetime
  • Creates personal confidence
  • Allows individual to expand themselves with experience
  • Develop a skill
  • Enjoyable for all
  • Creates teamwork to produce a masterpiece
  • Working as a group develops interpersonal skills
  • Provides emotional bearings/support
  • Maturity as a performer on stage
  • Produces skills and talents that will last a lifetime
  • Putting time and energy into a worthwhile investment

Is this your first time buying music risers? We’ve got you covered this time around! Not sure what you’re supposed to be looking for?

You probably didn’t realize there were so many different options and things to consider when buying music risers. Just like any product you come across, there are certain areas to consider before you make a purchase. Granted, there aren’t as many areas to consider as, let’s say, a car, but it’s worth an article about it!

1. Level vs. Seated

The first step is to decide if you need multi-level risers intended for standing or sitting. This should be a pretty easy choice since your risers have a specific purpose. However, there are situations where you could need both.

If you have both choral and instrumental groups, then the seated risers are the way to go. You can have students sitting in chairs as the obvious first choice, but the possibility to use them for choral groups if need be. (If you have the budget, spring for both.)

2. 4 level vs. 3 Level

If you decide to go the multi-level risers route intended for standing choral groups, then you need to decide if you would be better off with a 4 level or 3 level riser. Hopefully, your intention is to grow your musical group, so think slightly bigger than what you have now, so you can use them for years down the road.

There are multiple combinations you could buy, as well. Like two 3 level risers, or one 4 level riser, or one 3 level and one 4 level riser if you have advanced and beginner level choral groups. Get the most for your money and pick the option that will allow you the most room.

3. Folding vs. Stackable

Space is very important when it comes to buying equipment. Sometimes it’s the biggest concern from customers. Folding music risers offer the least amount of storage space, making it convenient for you. There are stackable risers out there as well, but our customers have mentioned difficulties with them.

Think about the manpower at your disposable to help move these risers. The amount of behind-the-scenes workers you have will help you decide which route is best. Folding risers don’t require many people and are useful if you have vertical storage. Stackable risers do require multiple people, can be sturdier, and usually require horizontal storage.

4. Carpeted vs. Laminate

Our portable staging has many options for the stage deck surface you’d like to have on your new risers. Most organizations will want a fabric with friction so their performers will feel steady and confident on stage. If you want more of a finished, polished look, there are laminate options, as well.

5. Extras – Guardrails, Stairs, Ramp

Don’t forget about the extras you may need. These come in handy when you consider safety for your performers. Most stages now need to be ADA Compliant, so if you’re in an organization that has specific standards about compliance, consider the ADA ramp to be added to your order. Stairs and guardrails are useful if you’re putting on a show choir performance and need a safe, but easy exit.

This information is courtesy of McDonnell & Company, Founded in 1979, McDonnell & Company has provided facilities with the highest quality sound systems, risers, and staging equipment.

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