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Why You Should Consider Anchored Resilient Sports Flooring for Your School

July 1, 2017 valormedia Blog

By Ron Fenhaus

From sporting events to after-school activities, your school’s gymnasium is designed to serve a multitude of purposes built to withstand the test of time.

And for schools that have hardwood floors, there’s more to that flooring system than the boards beneath your feet.

Hardwood floor systems are comprised of multiple layers, and the subfloor layers beneath the maple control the quality of performance, comfort, and safety of the floor’s users.

With an abundance of systems to choose from, here’s what you need to know about anchored resilient floor systems and what they can do for your school’s gymnasium.

What Is Anchored Resilient Flooring?

A popular choice for new construction and retrofit projects, anchored resilient floor systems provide a comfortable, quality surface for all kinds of activities and functions.

An anchored resilient floor system consists of a subfloor that is fastened to the concrete slab with anchors to keep the layers of plywood in place.

The use of anchors helps optimize vertical deflection. Vertical deflection is the amount of downward movement caused by the impact of a user on the floor’s surface.

These attributes make it suitable for a variety of applications, and here are some of the key advantages of installing an anchored resilient system in your school.

Improved Durability

Although your gym’s finished maple floor boards may have years of use left, a weakening subfloor performance is one of the most common reasons a school chooses to replace an existing sports surface.

Years of continual wear and tear from foot traffic and equipment can decrease the amount of support, leading to an increase in dead spots, poor ball bounce, and greater vibration felt throughout the floor.

Dead spots are areas on a sports floor where ball bounce measures less than in other areas of the surface. They occur more commonly in floating systems as a result of changes in moisture content and expansion and contraction in the system’s subfloor.

Ball bounce refers to the accuracy and uniformity of a ball’s return when bounced on various areas of the floor. When used for athletic purposes, a floor should provide consistent bounce throughout the court.

Good Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is the amount of impact that a surface is able to absorb without affecting the athlete. In high-impact sports such as basketball and racquetball, the more shock absorbent a surface is, the better.

Performing on a sports floor with low shock absorbency can quickly lead to joint and muscle soreness in athletes during competitive play.

Anchored resilient systems that are specifically engineered to meet DIN 18032, MFMA PUR, ASTM F2157, and FIBA standards deliver a uniform and consistent playing surface and gymnasiums with this type of system can expect the floor to deliver optimal results for players of all levels, from intermural sports for elementary students to Division I collegiate athletics.

More Uniform Rate of Play

Commonly preferred for competitive gym installations, performance certified anchored resilient systems provide a more uniform playing surface for athletes in a variety of activities.

While the floor is still able to naturally expand, contract, and move laterally, anchoring the subfloor keeps the feel of the playing surface consistent from one end of the court to the next. It also helps athletes maintain their speed during gameplay and enables greater balance for all users.

In fact, more uniformity is one of the primary reasons schools opt to install an anchored resilient floor system.

Versatility in Anchored Resilient System Applications

Designed to accommodate heavy foot traffic and spaces of all sizes, anchored resilient floor systems are installed for a range of activities.

From racquetball and basketball courts to science fairs and school dances, anchored resilient systems provide users with an optimal surface.

No matter the size, shape, or anticipated use of your school’s gymnasium, an anchored resilient sports floor system is sure to provide remarkable player uniformity, increased shock absorbency, and exceptional durability for years of use to come.

If your school is in need of a new hardwood surface for various applications, consider the advantages of installing an anchored resilient floor system in your gymnasium.

Ron Fenhaus is vice president of sales for Action Floor Systems, a premium, solid maple sports flooring manufacturer,

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