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5 Ways Wall Graphics Build Community and School Pride

July 15, 2019 jill Blog

Schools are very important and influential institutions. From preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college, school is the place where we spend almost a quarter of our lifetime. Even after we had graduated, we still feel emotional ties with our alma maters. Those years in one place have deeply imprinted their environment, atmosphere, and characteristics in our minds.

To increase student commitment, schools work hard to create a special and welcoming environment. The use of visual graphics strongly appeals to students help build pride and a bond with their school.

Visuals as an Effective Communication with Students

When walking around campuses, it is not uncommon to see meaningful graphics on school walls. These graphics are a unique, efficient, and effective way the schools communicate with their students. Before elaborating on why school wall graphics have a prominent impact on students, here are a few facts about why visuals are so important in human learning and communications:

* Our brains process visual graphics 60,000 times quicker than text.

* Visuals have been a dominant form of communication for humans, making up 93% of the contents.

* Visuals are 90% of the information our brain receives.

* People are more likely to look at pages with images.

* In presentations, a presenter using visuals will be 43% more successful in engaging his/her audiences than one who uses mainly texts.

5 Benefits of School Wall Graphics

All wall graphics carry SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relatable, and time) goals to present illustrations that have influences to its viewers. When applied in schools and education institutions, the custom designed school wall murals and graphics perform its role as a representative to connect students, faculties, parents, and visitors with the school. The vibrantly colored and meticulously structured graphics enhance students’ and other members’ commitments as time goes by in the following five ways:

1. Supports Collective Identity

Sense of belongingness is an important attribute that drives an individual’s motivation according to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Just like how we identify ourselves with our ethnicity, citizenship, age group, schools use mascots as an identity for students. These are identities that the schools’ students can collectively identify with. It also represents the cohort they belong to.  Mascots, as one of the common school graphics themes, are a way to showcase a collective identity shared by everyone at the school.

2. Builds School Pride and Spirit

The school mascot, logo, colors, mottoes, and slogans are iconic elements frequently used when expressing the school’s pride and spirit.

In fact, school pride is such a paramount factor that students and parents are spending a significant amount on school-themed clothing, stationary, accessories, and anything that just have their institutions’ logo printed on it.

Another supporting benefit of the fostering of school pride is that “students with school pride are top achievers,” as suggested by a Varsity Brands online survey. Principals consider the building of school pride in their schools important, and students would like to attend more extracurricular activities to show their school pride.

3. Promotes Sportsmanship

Go Patriots! Go Bearcat! Sports are huge events that tie everyone in the same school together – no matter their differences in grade, class, or focus of study. Cheerleading, school boosters, pep rally, school mascot wall graphics, and motivating slogans are all derivatives that support sportsmanship and bolster student unity.

The constant spreading of positive energy stimulates students’ morale, as well. Aiming to develop students on both academic and co-curricular aspects, sports events can teach students valuable out-of-textbooks principles.

4. Instills School Values

Just like organizations, schools have its own culture and values, which are a legacy for their students. These precious school values help shape our personalities, morals, ethics, and problem-solving attitudes, all of which have substantial influences defining who we are and what we will become.

We recently produced and installed some very cool school values wall graphics featuring different superheroes. The comic themed graphics are creative and effective as it aligns with the trends of what’s currently appealing to students.

Wall graphics boldly projects a school’s values and principles to students, parents, and other community members, giving them confidence and reassurance about the quality of education they or their future generations are receiving.

5. Celebrates the Special Memories

Once a wall mural or graphic is installed on campus, it is destined to remain there and last for a long time. Installed on areas with high student traffic, such as assembly halls, common rooms, gymnasium, and lobby, the school graphics are in the right place with a right theme.

They will be mementos that share every special moment that happened on campus or even existed in honor of an achievement that the school celebrates. The visuals tell the story of the school in a compelling way.

As a tool for effective communication with students, the graphics and murals in schools imbue students with the personal identifiers as months and years go by. These objectives are a portion of the big takeaways students gain at school.

This information is courtesy of RainMaker Signs, whose mission is to help clients effectively communicate their brand in the forms of custom interior signs, graphics, and displays,