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Digital Signage for Schools

July 1, 2018 agautam Blog

Modern technology is evolving every day. It is a part of most of our daily activities. School time should be no exception. Neither kids nor parents want to see old chalkboards. It is shown that students are a lot more enthusiastic about learning when the experience is interactive. Digital signage can bring that interactive experience to every school and classroom.

School digital signage is a multi-functional tool that will transform the education system as we know it. Morning announcements, in their current form, will become history. They will evolve into all-day-long notices, making them more noticeable to students, who are nowadays focused more on other activities than listening to the announcements. Having continuous flow of information available throughout the day it will be much harder for them not to be up-to-date, making the entire student body more informed about current school events.

Also, because such a digital signage display can include both visual and auditory components, students will have the opportunity to present their artistic side to the other classmates by designing unique message templates. Their creativity will have a boost and, at the same time, messages will look more appealing to the students because they were made by their peers.

Students’ artwork will gain a completely new dimension; their works will be displayed to the classmates via electronic format, making the entire presentation process more attractive and easier. Digging through piles of paper looking for the right work will become just a happy memory.

With digital signage implementation in schools, all classrooms will have a chance to be “transported” to Earth’s most fascinating locations. Sands of Sahara or Taj Mahal in India, just name it, there will be no place on Earth that won’t be reachable. Geography classes will get a lot more elective sign-ups, for one thing. Also, with digital signage, communication with the other students from around the world, or presenters of other cultures, will become a regular thing, giving the students a first-hand experience of foreign cultures, their customs and ways of life.

When it comes to school cafeterias, traditional menus will be long gone and replaced with more attractive digital ones. Pictures or videos of the food in combination with nutritional information will encourage students to make healthier food choices. And changing menu items for staff is as easy as clicking on a link.

Another very important thing when we talk about digital signage for schools are warnings and alerts. Unfortunately, such a feature has proven to be needed in recent times. Threats are growing day by day, and proper warning systems that will inform everyone in the school about the possible dangers are now a must. With a digital signage, such situations won’t be prevented, but their consequences can be reduced to a minimum. Strategically placed buttons around the building can inform the authorities and initiate a lockdown, and mitigate tragedies.

All the schedules, testing days, parent-teacher conferences, dates of the school events, plays, concerts, etc. will be displayed all day long, and that way, more present for all the interested parties. There will be no more forgotten tests or parent-teacher conferences. Everything will be visible to both parents and students, which will drastically reduce a problem of teens who don’t communicate with their parents.

A nice way to attract people, and make digital signage more appealing to them is gamification. Fun games or contests that offer great prizes and will be played on screens will attract more audience and make all the other daily messages more visible to everyone. Reading challenges for libraries, teamwork games for classes or clubs, student voting for the best design, etc. will help kids accept digital signage for schools as an integral part of their education and a great thing that will make their school days much easier.

Digital signage for schools is no longer our future; it became our present. Time will show where its boundaries are, but it is hard to escape the feeling that this is just the beginning.

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