A Spotlight on Reconditioned Buses for Your Private School

March 1, 2018 valormedia Blog

Like a gentle reawakening of the spirit, a reconditioned bus can take on a new life. Gone are the days of investing a significant amount of financial resources into your transportation budget.

Your savings can be multiplied and your investment can be significantly reduced by considering a fully reconditioned bus.

Don’t let your school’s commitment to excellence, high standards and expectations fall flat when it comes to selection transportation for school functions. Your school values the safety and security of students. The same values and expectations of your faculty, facilities and students should be expected in the transportation you provide.

With a reputable, experienced bus service and reseller, and considering all the information provided below, you can restore your faith in a good, quality bus.

Here is your detailed roadmap to buying a pre-owned bus. A reconditioned bus is more than a quick service, new tires, refreshed interior and a new coat of paint.

While it is important to uphold the cosmetic integrity as the bus is a driving billboard for your school, it is more important that the bus is mechanically sound. This is something most bus dealers overlook.

1. Do some investigation on the buses previous life.

Start at the bottom of the bus by checking the integrity of the brakes and quality of the tires. Look under the bus chassis to see the quality of the undercarriage. It will give you the insight needed into the condition of the bus.

Ensure that the bus has minimal to no rust. Does the undercarriage appear to have lots of mud and dirt indicative of being driven on rough, gravel roads? Opt for black top driven buses that are free from any sand or salt for an optimal life span.

2. It is important to know where the bus originated.

Northern states that experience harsh winters can have a gruesome effect on the quality and lifespan of the bus. You’ll want to look for a qualified dealer that will provide rust-free Southern buses.

3. Ask the reseller what mechanical work has been done, if any to make the bus mechanically sound.

Depending on the year of the bus, a recently replace transmission or engine can add years to a bus with a good body.

4. Has the bus been regularly serviced?

It is a well-known fact that regular oil and fluid changes can have a huge impact on the longevity of a vehicle. Regular bus maintenance is no different.

5. Once inside the bus, take a look at the odometer.

The average mileage for a bus is 15,000 miles per year. Anything below that is considered low mileage for the year.

6. Take a walk through the bus to ensure there are no soft spots in the flooring.

This step is vital towards giving way to any deterioration that may have been caused by water leaks.

7. Consider having an independent mechanic give the bus a thorough inspection.

It will provide peace of mind and is an added layer of safety in the investment your school is making.

Steer clear of prices that sound too good to be true, or you could find your savings are merely replaced with high repair costs.

Even with the purchase of a good, quality reconditioned bus, regular service and maintenance are vital to increasing the life of the bus, shrinking repair costs and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Dependent on good care of your bus, you can expect up to 10 years of reliable transportation for your students. That’s nearly the same you could expect of a new bus at a fraction of the cost.

Depending on your use, it is worth looking at other types of vehicles. Many schools have taken advantage of alternative options (such as coach buses, shuttles and vans) that fulfill the needs of their educational facilities.

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