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10 Spaces Every School Should Update with Signs Before Reopening

July 22, 2020 jill Blog


Signs and graphics have always been used to provide direction, impart information, and inspire new behavior, but in a world adapting to a whole new mode of thinking, they become guiding lights on the pathway to safety.

  1. Exterior

Yard signs can incorporate directional messages or imagery to point students and staff where they need to go (especially important if the usual access points have changed) or can enforce basic best practices like maintaining six feet social distancing. If you’re enforcing temperature checks upon entry, these can be designated using wayfinding yard signs, pedestal signs and banners.

As students get closer to the main entrance, now is the time to use A-frames and window graphics to communicate more in-depth messaging such as admittance policies, health and hygiene rules or new schedules and procedures.

  1. Lobby

Pedestal signs are easily moveable and highly visible, making them great choices for blocking off closed areas, while window graphics can help identify rooms that have a new purpose since class was last in session.

  1. Office and Reception

Both staff and students will feel reassured if reception desks and office spaces are properly outfitted with several preventative measures, including hand sanitizer stations, hygiene signs and clear protection screens. Protection screens can be customized with graphics and lettering, such as words of encouragement, health recommendations, or even school branding and mascots.

  1. Classrooms

Whether rearranging desks, utilizing protection screens, reducing the number of students, or a combination, you’ll require adequate signage to inform everyone of the updated procedures.

In spaces with many chairs, consider adding graphics or chair covers to clearly designate six feet social distancing requirements. For rooms that have multiple point for entry, door graphics can be added to denote which ones are for entrance or exit only to minimize cross traffic during class changes.

  1. Hallways

Floor graphics will be especially important in enforcing one-way traffic and six foot separation, including marking stairs with arrows to improve the flow of foot traffic.

Don’t forget to welcome, motivate and celebrate your students. Hallways are ideal for banners that welcome students back, wall graphics that showcase achievements, and routed acrylic signs and plaques for creating Halls of Fame.

  1. Restrooms

Hygiene and social distancing reminders will help maintain best practices (mirrors are particularly great surfaces for vinyl graphics that can withstand increased amounts of cleaning) with wall-mounted signs being used to enforce proper line etiquette. If possible, create entrance and exit doors (or pathways) for each restroom, reducing the chance that students meet face-to-face.

  1. Cafeteria

Freestanding signs and cutouts can be used to mark tables that have recently been sanitized, so students know it’s safe to sit and eat. Of course, hand sanitizer should be readily available throughout the dining area, with clear signs pointing to available stations. You’ll also need to utilize floor graphics and easy-to-position signs (such as pedestal signs) to help students form safe lines.

  1. Library

You may need to free up some space to allow for wider aisles between each bookshelf, so that students can pass one another without making face-to-face contact, or directional graphics to eliminate that potential. Floor graphics will help enforce social distancing in these aisles, while vinyl graphics and freestanding signs at the end of each aisle can further instill safe COVID-19 hygiene practices.

  1. Gymnasium

Socially distanced exercise regimes and even some no-contact sports could be reinstated safely. Floor graphics will need to be more prominent and attention-grabbing than ever, especially if they’re to compete with pre-existing floor decals.

  1. Transportation

Strict measures will need to be in place, particularly mask-wearing, social distancing routine temperature checks, and frequent deep cleans. All of these can be enforced through signs that remind each student and staff member of their responsibilities.

This information is courtesy of Image360 – Marlton, which creates graphics that enhance, signage that works, and displays that inform,

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