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Digital Signage Injects Meaning into K12 Communications

  Few audiovisual technologies have as broad of an appeal or variety of use cases as digital signage. Once primarily an informational tool for consumer-facing businesses, digital signage has found its way into nearly every public and private vertical. K12 schools have increasingly embraced digital signage as a way to communicate inspirational content and messages

6 Ideas for Your Digital Signage for Schools

  Research has shown that 73% of learning institutions agreed that digital signage for schools is crucial in building better communication. Many schools are looking for school signage ideas to reach their students, teachers, and staff effectively. Why are educational institutions looking for school signage ideas and have digital signage running? The answer is simple:

3 Ways to Make Your Social Distancing Signs More Effective

  By Amy Servi How can you make your school more safe and sanitary for all? One way is to make sure your social distancing signs and products are exactly where they should be to effectively reach as many people as possible. In this article, we’ll walk you through the all-too-common issues with current social

What Can Marquee Signs Do for Your School?

  By Tyler Pratt Marquee signs have been a staple to educational buildings and schools dating back to the classic one-room schoolhouse. They provide the school’s name, logo, colors, and give spirit to the campus upon arrival. They have evolved greatly over time: starting very basic, then adding customized messages through changeable lettering boxes, to

Getting Started with Digital Signage

  There’s no doubt about it: technology is rapidly changing our education systems, affecting both the methods of teaching and the way that students learn. Today, more than 90% of classrooms in the United States use computers, incorporating much more engaging, visual content than previous generations. This transition is certainly effective, especially when you consider

Implementing Safety Graphics

  As schools begin to reopen their classrooms for in-person learning, educators must adapt new safety practices and protocols such as: Placing social distancing signage throughout their facility Creating emergency and contingency plans in case of infection Securing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for their campus Instituting new cleaning procedures Mandating face masks and desk

10 Spaces Every School Should Update with Signs Before Reopening

  Signs and graphics have always been used to provide direction, impart information, and inspire new behavior, but in a world adapting to a whole new mode of thinking, they become guiding lights on the pathway to safety. Exterior Yard signs can incorporate directional messages or imagery to point students and staff where they need
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