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Creating an Engaging Performance Space with Innovative Stage Accessories

  In the dynamic world of live performances, the distinction between a memorable show and a forgettable one often hinges on the utilization and transformation of the performance space. The stage, far from being a mere platform, serves as a canvas for artists to weave their narratives, emotions, and artistic visions. The magic lies in

Six Tips to Make Your Auditorium a Multipurpose Success

  By Nina Parmenter Having worked with schools worldwide for 50 years, we understand the importance of spaces where people gather. These spaces lie at the very heart of a school’s character. It’s where success is celebrated, students are inspired and experiences are shared. The more functions a space can serve, the more value it

Spotlight on High School Theater

  There is no question that participating in high school theater teaches students a broad range of life skills including teamwork, problem-solving, and multitasking, regardless of whether they are audience-facing or working behind the scenes. Providing high school students with high-quality theater technology and equipment allows them to learn the difficult but rewarding job of

8 Criteria to Consider When Choosing Auditorium Seating

  When selecting the perfect seating solution for your school auditorium space, the variety of auditorium fixed seating choices on the market can be overwhelming. Determining which style will satisfy your budget, your design and, ultimately, your audience, isn’t easy. But, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled the top features to consider when choosing the perfect

Selecting Products to Enhance Your Stage

  By Scott Kinnebrew Be it a school-wide gathering, student performance, leadership meeting, or community-related event, the stages in our schools serve a multitude of purposes. The essential parts of an effective stage are lighting, sound, video, power, soft goods and expendables, with each category responsible for making sure the audience feels as connected as

Selection and Integration of AV Gear for Your School Auditorium

  By Mitch Montrose Auditoriums, cafetoriums, gymnasiums and multipurpose rooms. You certainly have one or more on campus, and each space comes with its own character. In older schools, not much thought was given to audiovisual equipment beyond loudspeakers in these rooms. To this day, as AV integrators, we’re still battling form to achieve function.

Make Your School Stage a Multimedia Showplace

  By Don Roth We’ve come a long way from the days when the best way for a public speaker to be seen and heard was to stand on a soap box and loudly project his or her voice. Stages – and staging – long ago became standard for school events, but today we are

Types of Platforms for Auditorium Functions

  A successful concert is made from the stage up. The performances of choirs, bands, orchestras, live theatre, drummers, conductors and public speakers often take the importance of proper staging for granted. But everyone needs a podium to be properly seen and to be heard. There are four types of platforms developed to meet the

How to Maximize Your Stage Design

  By Amanda Caraway The stage is an important place in any Christian school, whether you have a space dedicated to theatre performance, a small stage at the back of the gym, or a large stage in an auditorium. There is typically a place where all students gather to receive valuable information and enjoy performances.

Upgrading Your Auditorium

Founded at the dawn of the 20th century, St. Thomas High School is the oldest college preparatory high school in Texas. The campus, ranked by the Houston Press as one of the city’s most architecturally beautiful, spans multiple interconnected buildings, including Cemo Auditorium, built in 2002 and recently treated to an AV systems upgrade. The

How to Know When Your Technology Is Outdated

A recent article outlined the importance of making sure that classroom technology continues to get used rather than sit in the corner. Unused education technology, the author stresses, can be chalked up to poor implementation. There is no question that a poorly executed implementation of a new product can lead to technology going unused. But

Miking Actors on a Theater Stage

By Bruce Bartlett Plays and musicals are a serious challenge for the sound engineer. In these situations, it’s hard to get enough gain before feedback and to reproduce a natural sound. One reason is that some actors do not project well. Also, sound reflections from the floor can color the tone quality and give a

Designing a Room with Sound in Mind

By Andrew Glasmacher Architects work with their clients to make sure their needs are met in a contemporary and tasteful way. Building designs can go from simple and utilitarian to grand and ornate, depending on budget and the client’s wishes. Designs often include decorative rock or brick surfaces, large plate or stained glass windows, hard-surface
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