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Management Systems Help Eliminate Distractions in the Digital Classroom

  Even before the advent of digital learning and the proliferation of technology devices at school, eliminating distractions in K-12 classrooms has always been top of mind for educators. However, today, with 1:1 technology where each student has their own mobile computing device, websites and applications like games, social media sites, and video streaming platforms

The Role of Analytics in Growth-Driven School Decision-Making

  Analytics refers to the use of data to visualize trends. Educators use analytics in a variety of ways to help make decisions about program offerings and potential donors, as well as to market those offerings, apply for credit, and meet accreditation requirements.  There are a variety of ways to collect the data used to

Why School Library Software Is Essential

  Do you ever feel like your school library could be doing more? Are you tired of spending hours tracking down individual books, then reshelving them when the patrons ended up choosing a different book? If so, it might be time to invest in some school library software. Software designed for school libraries can automate

Changing Threats Require Changing Security Measures for Educational Facilities

  By Lisa Durel It has never been more important to ensure the safety of educational facilities, their students, and staff from dangers that lurk just outside the campus. In fact, there’s been an ever-growing concern about the dangers that manage to make it inside the school walls without detection. On-campus safety has typically been

Faster and Better-Informed Crisis Response Using Incident Command Systems

  We live in an age of random public violence. Our institutions like education are, quite literally, under fire. Schools have been seen to benefit by the implementation of Public Safety Software that can coordinate disaster response faster and more efficiently, and provide schools with the ability to document every step in fine detail for

3 Ways Software Improves K-12 School Facility Planning

  K-12 school facility planning is stressful, complex, and time-consuming. COVID-19 placed an increased emphasis on the need for alterations and renovations in K-12 school buildings. Beyond the typical upkeep and general maintenance, there has been a significant escalation in HVAC work requests, increased complexity in maintaining HVAC facilities, and the need for comprehensive air

Software In Today's Christian Classroom

  By Andrea Alcala-Vasquez Software has become critical in the modern classroom to support student engagement and teacher effectiveness. The K-12 teaching and learning environment continues to evolve and respond to latest challenges like effective distance learning brought on by public health crises. And, in America, increasing political polarization around critical race theory, student social

Huddle Spaces: Changing How Teachers Manage a Classroom

  By Bari Gersten The pandemic has transformed the way we work and learn. As educators who are committed to preparing students to enter the workforce, it makes sense that the way we teach has also changed since the pandemic. The past 18 months have reinforced the need for every student to have their own

For Management Systems, Timing Is Everything

  By Gary Falcon So, you’ve decided the time has come to improve your school management system: giving your teachers great tools for parent communications; providing online classrooms to better support students; making it easy to collect attendance and generate report cards. Congrats! This is a big step toward improving your school. The next big

Modernizing Safety Operations on the K-12 Campus

  Independent school administrators consistently report student safety as their top priority, so one could be forgiven for assuming that implementations of digital-based emergency management systems would be underway at a majority of schools across the country. However, after a nationwide survey and interviewing hundreds of private and independent schools, we found only one in

How to Choose Classroom Management Software

  By Jordan Walker As a professional in a K-12 school, you’re probably familiar with the term “classroom management.” Classroom management is used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring lessons run smoothly without disruption. Since you’re at the forefront of edtech integration, it’s likely you’ve also been tasked with getting your school up

Less Paper, Not Paperless

  By Caroline Gilchrist “The office of the future.” That’s what the paperless office was dubbed in 1975, the first time it was predicted—long before computers sat on every desktop and lessons in keyboard skills eclipsed lessons in cursive. Yet while some schools have shifted to executing processes electronically, others continue printing off stacks of
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