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Traders Point Christian High School

July 18, 2020 jill Blog


As part of the new Academic and Campus Master Plan, Traders Point Christian High School in Whitestown, Indiana, opened its new 32,705-square-foot academic facility.

The overall design of the building centers around collaborative learning that takes place beyond the traditional classroom environment.

TURNERBATSON provided the design services for this innovative project.

This facility provides an engaging, relevant, creative, experimental, and healthy atmosphere for 250 students.

Throughout the building are many small meeting places or “hangouts” including a coffee cafe, a “campfire” space around the fireplace, and various seating nooks.

The centerpiece of the building is a floor-to-floor bleacher seating area allowing for lunch and chapel seating and a seminar learning environment.

A STEAM studio (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Technology) provides experimental and multidiscipline learning, and the MAKER studio enables hands-on student learning by creating and building in a real-world environment.

The site also includes courtyards located outside the ground level classrooms for projects and class activities and an athletic field for high school competitions.

Future phases of the overall campus plan will allow for more than 500 students with additional buildings to provide a fine arts center, STEAM/MAKER building, multiple languages building, a health fitness building including a gymnasium, weight room, fitness center, and other accessory spaces.

TURNERBATSON is a dynamic and engaging Architectural & Interior Design Firm in Birmingham, Alabama, specializing in architecture, planning, and design, Their purpose is to foster a community that is challenging, fulfilling, and fun in order to serve God and others through their core values of People. Passion. Purpose.


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