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Implementing Safety Graphics

January 1, 2021 jill Blog


As schools begin to reopen their classrooms for in-person learning, educators must adapt new safety practices and protocols such as:

  • Placing social distancing signage throughout their facility
  • Creating emergency and contingency plans in case of infection
  • Securing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for their campus
  • Instituting new cleaning procedures
  • Mandating face masks and desk protection shields to help reduce the spread of airborne germs

Many schools are finding that they need logistic support and expertise to help them implement these new safety measures.  One of North America’s largest safety graphics providers, ARC Document Solutions, recently partnered with Chicago Public Schools, helping them to prepare their campuses for the arrival of over 350,000 students.

In a 3-week period, ARC:

  • Designed, printed and delivered 900,000+ customized social distancing signs
  • Translated health & safety graphics into 5 different languages
  • Produced instructional videos on how to install and maintain safety graphics across nearly 900 facilities
  • Prepared Chicago School District’s 655 campuses for the safe arrival of students and staff

It’s important to remember that attending in-person classes can be a challenge for young learners. Students are not able to interact with their friends as they normally would, they must get their temperature taken daily, practice strict social distancing, and are required to wear a face mask most of the day.

When schools implement social distancing graphics, provide desktop barriers, and install safety signage, it helps maintain a cleaner environment while making it easier for students to relax, feel safe, and manage the inherent stress of in-person classes.

The administration recently passed new legislation which provides schools with nearly $130B to purchase PPE and implement social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID.  To help schools implement these new mandates, ARC is extending their Federal GSA-approved discount (GS-O3F-142DA) to educational institutions across America and is offering a free site survey until April 30, 2021.  Explore ARC’s collection of K12 safety graphics or reach out to their experts today at 833-272-8880.



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