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Ten Tips on Selecting a Janitorial Cart

May 1, 2017 valormedia Blog

A well-organized and properly designed janitorial cart can make the custodian’s job easier, safer, and more effective, while improving productivity.

For cleaning contractors and facility managers, improving worker productivity often means work gets done faster and janitorial workers can attend to more cleaning tasks, such as those addressed only if time allows.

According to Dennis Knap with Impact Products, manufacturer of janitorial carts, today’s carts come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. When selecting a cart, Knap suggests the following considerations:

  1. The cart should have a “molded-in area” on the back to hold an upright vacuum cleaner. “This keeps it out of the user’s way, but readily available when needed,” says Knap.
  2. It should have the ability to hold a 20- or 32-gallon trash receptacle. The receptacle should be in the front of the cart with push handles spaced away from the trash area for more sanitary handling.
  3. Some carts now allow for trash to be placed within a vinyl refuse bag that conceals the trash. This design also allows workers to remove the trash from the side of the bag rather than lifting it up and over the cart.
  4. Deep, molded-in pockets easily permit the storage of cleaning supplies, brooms, spray bottles, brushes, etc.
  5. Some carts have a squared-off front, others have a rounded-off front; a squared-off front works better in industrial areas whereas a rounded-off cart is more appropriate for use in hotels, schools, offices, etc., because this design is more protective of walls.
  6. Look for a cart that holds warning signs so they can be placed when needed/where needed.
  7. High-density rubber wheels allow for easier maneuvering and a quieter ride; also, make sure they are non-marking wheels.
  8. Look for a cart that clearly separates wet and dry areas; this helps prevent cleaning chemicals and other moisture from coming into contact with the user and electrical items, such as vacuum cleaners.
  9. Some carts are made from recycled materials, promoting sustainability.
  10. Yellow is no longer the only color for carts; other colors are now available.

Impact Products is a manufacturer and supplier of branded and private label non-chemical commercial cleaning, maintenance, safety and related products, The company’s offering encompasses a full suite of janitorial products including floor care products, waste receptacles, washroom accessories, gloves and safety products,

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