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Top 5 Uses of Digital Signage for Schools

July 1, 2017 valormedia Blog

Digital signage can help bring an entire school together. It’s bright, colorful, and easily noticed! Built with LEDs, these signs are simple to program with the exact message you want.

LED signs go far beyond just informing your students and faculty. They help to include your local community in events, celebrate school achievements, and can even be used as a way to earn advertising revenue!

Schools of all sizes and educational levels, from elementary to college, have increasingly made use of digital signage in many beneficial ways.

Whether your school already has a digital sign or has considered investing in one, this article will break down the top 5 uses and the greatest benefits that come with having LED signs.

1. Boost Student Enrollment

Consistent student enrollment is important for the success of all educational institutions. For schools located on busy roadways, an outdoor LED sign can serve as a great medium for informing prospective students and parents as to when registration starts and is a convenient reminder to those who already know.

Some schools use changeable letter boards for the same purpose, but these can be bland to look at and can easily go unnoticed. Plus, the letters need to be swapped by hand.

A custom digital sign can remotely be programmed to display the exact the message you want and is visible throughout the entire day and night. Better yet, a sign like this makes you easy to be found, which is exactly what you want during your enrollment period.

2. Encourage Attendance at Events

Whether it’s a PTA meeting or time for Homecoming, you should always encourage maximum participation for school events. LED signs are great for informing large audiences and raising awareness within a community. Sports games, tryouts, theater shows, and testing periods are just a few of many events you could display on your digital signage.

An LED sign can be the perfect complement to your other means of event advertising. Just display the time, date, and location to your event. Your digital message board will serve as a constant reminder throughout the week for people to attend.

3. Promote School Spirit

Investing in school spirit can go a long way for students, faculty, and the community. Everyone loves to feel included, and that shows for schools who take the time to develop a brand and culture. Having custom digital signs that display your school’s name, logo, and mascot promotes togetherness within the school and community and can help everyone attach themselves to your school’s brand.

Give your students and faculty something to be proud of. A branded scoreboard can make your sports teams stand out, and a digital monument sign can make your school look like a very welcoming place.

4. Earn Advertising Revenue

Digital signs may seem like a big investment, but they can quickly pay for themselves and become a source of revenue. For elementary and high schools that need to raise money for supplies or activities, selling message space to local business owners can be a great way to generate additional funds and sponsors for your school.

While third-party advertisements are not an option for every school, using your digital sign to advertise school fundraisers can be an effective way to garner more awareness toward your cause.

5. Reduce Paper Consumption

Go green and reduce the use of paper and ink by using your LED sign instead! Whether you need to get the word out about a community event, school closings, or summer classes, changing the message on your digital sign is easy and helps decrease the need to print paper notifications.

Schools have even started using digital messaging boards indoors to display information about classes, clubs, and school sports to students. Younger generations are more attuned to receiving information digitally, so using LED signage in school lobbies and hallways is great for getting your message out.

Take Advantage of Digital Signage for Your Educational Institution

Even when school is not in season, your sign always can be. Digital signs make it simple to change your message when you need to.

Winter break? Post a message to let everyone know the dates. End of the year? Send out a celebratory message for the class of 2017. Big win at your last sporting event? Let the community know!

There are many ways schools use digital signs to promote themselves, help the community, and build culture within their campuses.

This information is courtesy of KC Sign & Awnings, which has helped thousands of schools and businesses reach their goals by creating the signage they need,

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